The Open Innovation Hub showcases the company's core technologies and product developed by integrating these technologies.

Fujifilm Open Innovation Hub

The North America Open Innovation (OI) Hub located in Santa Clara, CA is Fujifilm's showcase for its successful reinvention. It is a place where customers, partners and suppliers can come together with Fujifilm and be inspired to come up with the next great technology, product, market. Encounter...Learn...Touch...Create...

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Fujifilm Group's Technologies and Priority Business Fields

Since its foundation, Fujifilm Group has accumulated versatile fundamental technologies related to organic/inorganic materials chemistry, imaging, optics and analysis via our experience in the photosensitive material and xerography areas. Through combination of these assets and proprietary core technologies which lead to outstandingly competitive cost and quality, we provide a variety of excellent products and services. We also keep creating new businesses to contribute to a better future.

[Diagram] Fujifilm Group's Technologies and Priority Business Fields